Hungarian Chemical Society

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The Hungarian Chemical Society (HCS) is one of the oldest professional organizations in Hungary which was founded in 1907.

The Society’s primary objectives include the establishment of a professional public forum for the country’s chemists and provision of the national chemical sciences, education, and industries with indirect support.

The Hungarian Chemical Society represents about two thousand and five hundred chemists in academia and industry. The Society has 10 Regional bodies and 8Workplace groups and supports 24 Divisions and 13 Working Parties, covering the main fields of chemistry.

HCS sponsors or promotes a number of international activities such as joint conferences with chemical societies. HCS edits and supports various national and international journals. HCS has established Prizes and Awards to recognise achievements by individuals in advancing the chemical sciences and to acknowledge outstanding services for the Society.

HCS organises high quality European scientific conferences, sponsoring cutting-edge research meetings in the chemical and molecular sciences, and organises interdisciplinary meetings with other professional societies.

Throughout the whole of the organization period, the HCS is prepared to handle the registrations, the public relations and consultations. We undertake to advertise the event in professional journals, media relations and public awareness.

Our up-to-date computer system and software were created by professionals in the fields of computer technology and event organization. Our online registration system is a complex web-based, database-driven conference registration system that is able to handle personal data, collect abstracts and proceedings and facilitate the reviewing. It allows the choice of the accommodation and participation in social programs, and the transactions of on-line payment. Our staff will set up a registration office (computers, phones, on-line credit card handling, etc.) at the congress venue. There are possibilities to hold workshops and roundtable discussions. We can also undertake to organize exhibitions.

Roland Eötvös Physical Society

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The Roland Eötvös Physical Society (ELFT: Eötvös Loránd Fizikai Társulat in Hungarian) with a tradition of already 122 years is one of the oldest scientific societies in Hungary. Its predecessor in title was founded in 1891 by the famous Hungarian physicist Baron Roland von Eötvös. The Society as a non-profit organization with some one thousand members undertakes the task of research, education and talent management in physics in Hungary. The ELFT brings together researchers at institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences or in the industry, professors and students at universities and teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The ELFT organizes conferences and professional meetings as well as student competitions. The ELFT is responsible for the preparation of students for the International Physics Olympiads. The ELFT publishes two journals with great tradition: Fizikai Szemle (founded in 1891) and Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools (founded in 1894).

We inform about the public life in physics and represent Hungarian physicists and physics teachers in Hungary and abroad.


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