Elisabeth Renney


Elisabeth RenneyElisabeth Renney

Elisabeth Renney graduated from Lund University in Sweden, from Prof. Lo Gorton’s group and continued her studies with a three year long post doc period at the University of Texas at Austin Texas, USA, with Prof. Adam Heller. In 1999 she became an Associated Professor at the University of Lund, Department of Biotechnology, where she was active until 2008. Since 1995 she was working as a senior researcher with her own group in the field of bioanalytical chemistry; her research interest being in the design, development and miniaturisation of bioanalytical sensors and sensing platforms for application in the medical field, environment and food and beverage industry. She published more than 100 original papers (H-index 28) and established many international collaborations World-wide. She was the Coordinator of about 15 European Projects and many more Swedish ones. She was detached by the Swedish Ministry of Education to Brussels between 2000-2002 as a National Expert to the INTAS programme of the Commission, where she was the responsible for the field of Energy, Environment and Earth Sciences. Between 2008-2011 she was the managing director of a Swedish SME focusing on  Science Management and Technology Transfer. Since 2012  she is Programme Officer at the European research Council, where she is presently responsible for the field of Life Sciences – Diagnostic Tools, Therapies and Public Health.



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