Christopher Watson


Christopher WatsonDr Christopher J H  Watson
Education: Oxford University 1957-64 (BA, MA Chemistry1961, D Phil Theoretical Physics 1964)
Visiting Research Fellow, Lebedev Institute, Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow 1965
Theoretical Plasma Physics Research at UKAEA, Culham Laboratory 1966-76
Research Programme management at Culham Laboratory 1976-1998
Project Management in the JET Project 1978-1981
Operational Group Management at Harwell 1981-1996
Business Development Management for AEA Technology 1996-2002
Senior Consultant 2002-2012
Chair of British Pugwash, and Convener of its Energy Policy Working Group 2011-

  • 36 years of international experience in managing nuclear and non-nuclear programmes in Europe, including UK government, EU and other aid-funded projects.
  • Experience in the management of a large international big-science project (Joint European Torus)
  • Experience in the management of large R&D teams in the Nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors.
  • Business development and programme management in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, including nuclear and chemical weapon decommissioning projects
  • Consultant to the DTI-funded UK-Russia Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership developing projects for the employment of nuclear weapons complex scientists, technicians and support personnel.
  • Consultant to the DTI-funded nuclear remediation programme in NW Russia (Andreeva Bay)
  • Working with experts in Russia on the selection of projects for Venture Capital funding.


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