Gerd H. Wolf


Gerd WolfProf. Dr. Gerd H. Wolf

Gerd Wolf is member of the European Economic and Social Committee EESC. There he has worked in many functions, in particular as Rapporteur of numerous “Opinions” (published in the Official Journal of the European Union) – mainly on energy and on research policy – intended to advice EU Parliament, Council and Commission. After his studies and thesis at the Technical University Munich in Technical Physics, he started a career in plasma-physics at the Munich Max-Planck-Institute for Physics (Heisenberg). In 1975 he became director at the Institute for Plasmaphysics (now “for Energy Research”) at Research Centre Juelich and later both, Professor for Experimental Physics at Düsseldorf University and head of the Jülich Fusion Project; being Emeritus from these tasks since 1999. He is author of many scientific publications and acted on many advisory and other scientific committees, recently becoming associate member of the Academie Royale de Belgique. In 2005, he received the order of merit (1.class) of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Otto-Hahn-Strasse 1
D-52428 Juelich
Tel. +49-2461-54367
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